Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture My Ass...

Well, today is May 21, 2011. This date is alleged, by one guy and his followers, to be the start date of the "rapture". The Rapture is a belief held by many fundamentalist Christians, that people who believe Jesus is the messiah, will be lifted bodily to Heaven. After this event, there allegedly going to be a period of tribulation period. After the tribulation, the end of the world will occur.

As for me, I'm an atheist, so this is a bunch of pure BS. However, there are many pius Christians that don't believe in the Rapture. So I have some company on this.

The part about this prediction that really bothers me, is that this same guy predicted this before; he predicted the same thing would happen in 1994. Yet we are all still here. Idiocy!!!!

The worst part it all is the people that continue to put any status to this guy's predictions. I'm fine with a person being religious, but I'm not fine when they stop using their common sense like that. I'm sure that if there were a God, he gave you your intelligence to use, not to blindly trust some soothsayer.

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