Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm Tired of the, so called, "Tea Party"...

When it comes to politics, I'm very liberal. It's no surprise that I have little use for hard-line conservatives like people who consider themselves members of the "Tea Party." I will also admit that I have no use for extreme liberals either. Extremism does no person any good that I've seen. My political beliefs are that the government should do things that help the citizens (like provide police, fire protection, good roads, and health care), but should allow people to make their own choices when the choices only effect the person making them. When a person tries to do something that will harm or infringe on another's rights, that shouldn't be allowed (imho).

When it comes to the Tea Party, this is my beef. Very few make statements of policy (like Sarah Palin), and even if those statements are totally untrue (death panels, Obama wasn't born in the US) the hoi poloi of the party just parrot it back as if it were true. The most recent example has been reported by in the article linked here (

I'm fine if someone disagrees with me politically. However, I'm only fine with it if it's based on fact. I'm don't agree with ANYONE (liberal or conservative) spouting half-truths & outright lies and trying to portray that as the truth. (steps off soap box) :)

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