Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to Work.....

Well, since it is the day after Labor Day (or is it Labour Day?), I, like many others, am back at work.

I spent the majority of Saturday, Sunday, & Monday unpacking, washing clothes, & setting up the new apartment. Am I a party animal, or what? :) I actually got a number of things accomplished. The kitchen is completely set up. Of course it is the smallest room in the place, but that's beside the point. I also got the dining nook set up, so I guess I can call that complete too.

My bedroom is about 90% complete. I still have clothes to put away, which I may do after work this evening to have it done. While everything is set up in the living room/office area, it's still cluttered to the max. This is especially true of the section immediately adjacent to the dining nook. It's piled with boxes (some empty, some not so empty). The living room itself has the floor covered with all sorts of cables (audio, video, ethernet, usb, etc). I think I can get those squared away too this evening.

The bathroom is about 80% done. I just need to put all the towels/washclothes in the cabinet, and put the medicine cabinet stuff in the medicine cabinet proper. However, I'm thinking about putting the towels in either the 2nd bedroom closet, or the living room coat closet. I think the 2nd bedroom closet will be the best place; it has these box-like shelves in it that would be perfect for the towels & such. I'll leave the coat closet for the coats, ironing board, broom, and swiffer (yes, I still have both).

For a while, the 2nd bedroom will also be the junk room. But eventually, it will be habitable as well. :)

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