Thursday, August 28, 2008

A New Life in Queen Anne/Magnolia....

Well, today I moved from my place on Beacon Hill to a new place in Queen Anne. Actually, it's right on the border of Queen Anne & Magnolia (and also next to the Inter-Bay area). It's nice so far, but then again I've only been to this place three previous times (to look at the place, to sign the lease, to bring some things over last Saturday), and I've only been here for about 5 hours now.

Overall, I think the apartment (it's actually a condo that I'm leasing), and neighborhood in general are nice. I shouldn't be using my car nearly as much. I have a bus stop half a block away that goes directly to my office & back; there's a grocery store, Starbucks, pizza place, convenience store/gas station all within two blocks. Matter of fact, I can see them all from my sliding doors. Hopefully, I'll start getting some exercise as a result of things being so close.

The down side is that the building is undergoing a renovation. Several things are being done, and I don't remember them all. However, the building is encased in scaffolding & some type of mesh. And when the workmen are here, it's pretty loud. But there is an upside to this; while the construction is going on, I'm getting $250 knocked off my rent (the construction should be done by December). Also the rent here is about $5oo less than the Beacon Hill place. (cha-ching!)

Right now though, I feel like shit. I'm totally exhausted. I'm sore all over, and I know that I'll be even more sore in the morning. I don't relish that a bit.

However, I'll surely survive this move as I have the countless others in my life. It's just that as I get older, it takes longer to recover. :)

Well, I have to go now & get some grub. I haven't eaten since lunch & I'm starving.

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